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The ViceVersa Platform

Software Solutions


Digital Planning

Designed specifically for local government, our ePlanning solution can manage all forms of planning instruments and policy documents online. Our solution provides comprehensive online authoring and publishing capabilities for urban and regional strategic management plans and policies.  

 We can cater for the unique requirements that Councils have, including life-cycle management of plans, enquiry linkages for public viewing, property enquiries against a plan and it also features a built-in community engagement module.

The solution also allows Council staff the ability to control all policy documents in one system whether they are state plans, district plans, local plans, by-laws or town plans etc. We have developed a solution to address the need to display and report on license and application approvals and consent information in a flexible manner.

Community engagement

Our comprehensive end-to-end submissions management system allows your Council to control all your submission processes in one system, saving time and reducing cost.
Designed for local government, it caters for unique requirements such as reporting, recording of responses, recommendations and decisions, and outputs ready for the Council agenda or public viewing.

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